Monday, June 22, 2009

1. Inside the workshop.
2. Bob investigating wheel profiles etc.
3. In addition to the four services there is a tourist tram operated by a double ended KT4.
4. The real 1940s old soldiers.
YEVPATORIA is a small town tramway that opened in 1914. It is all single track except for a post war extension to the main route 1.
1. Route 4 is a summer only one tram shuttle to the beach.
2. Route 1 is the main route operated by Tatra KT4s.
3. Route 2 serves another beach area operated by Gothas with Tatra windows.

4. The shuttle 3 to the station is served a Gotha motor and control trailer.
MOLOCHNOYE is the smallest and the newest trmmway in Ukraine, It is 1.5 km long from a seaside rest home for Chenoble victims to the beach, and opened in 1989.
There are just 2 second hand Gotha cars coupled back to back.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The road along the coast from Alusta to Yalta is also quite spectactular although some of the participants nodded off.

ALUSTA - the mid point.
1. Inside Alusta depot where everything is make do and mend. There have been no new trolleybuses for 20 years.
2. The group hired this Skoda 9Tr trolleybus seen on the outskirts of Simferpol.
3. The mountain section.
4. A buffet lunch was provided at Alusta depot.
SIMFEROPOL trolleybus depot & museum.
There is no railway to the seaside and health resort at Yalta because of the difficult terrain. In the 1950s a new road some 50 miles long was constructed from the railhead at Simferopol complete with trolleybus wiring. The first service journey was in November 1959. Today the trolleybus service is a shadow of its former self with through passengers using the the more modern and faster competing minibuses.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sevastapol is a naval base with an extensive trolleybus network.
1. Typical trolleybus. Note the traction poles inside the building framework.
2. Replica of first electric tram.
3. There is a museum at the depot.

4. The Library at the museum.