Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My camera seems to have got sunstroke. First it would only take pictures in shady places and now even hotel bedrooms are too bright. So we will have to use Kath's mobile phone for the last few days of our trip but we have no way of uploading pictures before we get home. We are now in Krivoy Rog and the sun is shining in the mid 30s. There are a few new low floor trolley buses here and about 3 newish trams.
This afternoon we travelled on the Express Tramway. This is a light metro with no street running or road crossings but operated by Tatra T3s with a tunnel section in the town centre. We boarded at the open air town terminus where two back to back KTM8s were waiting. These have been modified with perimeter seating. We travelled through the two tunnel stations and at the first surface station we were on the wrong line and got off along with everyone else to walk a few yards to a turning circle and another tram. On the other track was a KTM5 works car at the back of a coupled T3 set which had had its track brakes removed from the rear bogie and replaced by a 'dolly' with two very small wheels. We couldn't look to closely because there were several paramilitary looking policemen and who knows who else. The KTM8 was operating a single line 3 station shuttle and the service cars were turning short.
Unfortunately the mobile phone was set to low resolution so the pictures are not suitable for this blog. I think Ian Longworth is planning a weekend trip to Odessa next spring so perhaps we will return with our new camera.

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